Emma Watson new boyfriend

У Эммы Уотсон новый бойфренд

Emma Watson can not get rid of a nickname of Hermione Granger from the movie “Harry Potter”, in which he played the character for over 10 years. But Watson has long moved on, appearing in various films and arranging their personal lives. This spring, the lovely Emma broke up with the star of “glee” Cord with Overstreet, but soon found a replacement. Yesterday she was spotted with a new boyfriend for cute kisses, which makes me doubt their romantic relationship.

У Эммы Уотсон новый бойфренд

At the moment, the star of the “Harry Potter” is in Mexico, but not alone. With her enjoying the beautiful autumn weather businessman Brendan Wallace. Paparazzi “caught” a couple in a cafe at lunch: Emma and Brendan ordered cocktails. To drink delicious drinks quickly failed, because the pair and then sweet talked, kissed and had a wonderful time.

The actress has repeatedly told reporters that his personal life is not going to spread. About Emma said in February of 2017 in an interview with Vanity Fair: “I can’t talk in an interview about their Boyfriends and at the same time to expect an indifferent attitude to the person from the paparazzi. Then you need to choose”.

A biography of the new boyfriend stars interesting: Brendan graduated from Princeton and Stanford universities. He started work at Goldman Sachs, then moved into real estate, then opened her own business. He is the co-founder of the app Cabify — Latin American version of Uber, founder and partner of the investment company Fifth Wall.

Earlier, Emma had met with the star of “glee” Cord with Overstream six months. “Emma and Cord at first silent about their relationship. They spent a lot of time together in Los Angeles. A few months ago they were photographed as a couple, but in the end nothing happened, and now they’re both single again,” reports the insider.

Breakup Emma decided to unsubscribe from Korda on instagram, but her ex-boyfriend didn’t like the actress and decided to continue to follow the news in her account.

Before Overstream from Watson was a long novel with a specialist in the field of computer technology William “Mac” knight. In November of last year, they broke up. Overstreet a list of the former much more impressive: he attributed novels with Lily Collins, daughter of Bruce Willis and demi Moore Rumer and Emma Roberts.

To build a relationship Emma’s not so simple, because somehow the actress said, went through all the possible sexual harassment, which was stated by many celebrities. Emma believes their experience is not unique.

“I went through the whole spectrum of sexual harassment. But I was more surprised that my experience is not unique. The experience of my friends and colleagues is also not unique. This is a very systemic problem,” said the star of “Harry Potter”.

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