Эмма Уотсон названа женщиной года по версии ELLE

26-year-old actress Emma Watson continues to do what she believes in. Now we are talking about its efforts in the fight for equality and promotion of women’s rights.

Recently, the star of the film adaptation of disney’s “Beauty and the beast” took part in the event organized by the British ELLE, where she received honorary award of “woman of the year”.

“This is not the year when we can afford to be silent! This is a year when women’s voices must be heard! I’m not sure I deserve this award but I will accept it. It is such an honor,” said Emma Watson receiving the award from the stage.

Recall that Emma is already three years cooperating with the UN. The actress is a goodwill Ambassador and promotes the idea of equality to the masses.

Recall that in a short time on the big screen will be a screen adaptation of the disney tale “beauty and the Beast”. In the film, Watson plays a major role. Her colleagues on set was Dan Steven, Luke Evans, Kevin Klein and others.

By the way, in order to participate in this project, Emma had to abandon the filming of the musical Damien Chazelle “La La land”. Her place was taken by Emma stone, for which this role has become one of the most successful (so far) in her career. Stone has already received some of the most prestigious film awards, and soon can replenish the Treasury of the awards “Oscar”.