Эмма Уотсон находится в романтических отношениях с таинственным незнакомцем

Эмма Уотсон находится в романтических отношениях с таинственным незнакомцем

29-year-old star of the “Harry Potter” Emma Watson tries to keep his personal life away from the media, so it is very difficult to tell what’s going on in the life of this girl. It is rare to see on the streets in the company of other people, but yesterday, Emma gave a huge occasion for the fans, to actively discuss her love Affairs.

The thing is that yesterday, the paparazzi caught a young girl in a passionate kiss with an unknown young man. It happened near the entrance of a well-known bakery in London. In the moment of the kiss Emma was talking to someone on the phone, but this did not prevent the girl to enjoy the company of her new lover. The pair was at the entrance to the bakery for a long time, while Watson was talking on the phone. After they slowly got into a parked car and drove away in an unknown direction.

Earlier Emma attributed the affair with 40-year-old CEO of a well-known London company. The reason for that was the dinner of this couple at this fancy school Los Angeles. But these speculations were only rumors, more young men have never seen, and the celebrity has not confirmed this information.

In the summer of 2019 have also been rumors that Watson meets with his former friend on the set of Tom Felton. She posted on the page of the photo with the young person where they rest together on the beach, and told his fans that childhood madly in love with him.

Emma Watson recently been very busy with his career. Most recently, she finished filming over new year painting entitled “Little women” in which he played a major role. To see the film can be in all cinemas in Russia on January 25, 2020.

Well, who became a new beloved of the popular British actress we know and let you know.

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