Эмма Уотсон присоединилась к акции “Книжных фей”

Эмма Уотсон присоединилась к акции “Книжных фей”

This week, the 29-year-old British actress and model Emma Watson, which became known worldwide thanks to the heroine Hermione from “Harry Potter”, has decided to please inhabitants and visitors of London. The star revealed on their official page in Instagram, hiding as literary masterpieces in different parts of the capital.

At the end of January 2020, the world will be able to see the magnificent movie “Little women”. The plot will be disclosed to the lifeline of the four sisters, who live together in the United States at the time of the Civil war. Emma got in this picture one of the main female roles. The film is based on a novel by author L. Alcott, written in 1868. Great masterpieces by this author Watson, and decided to hide in different parts of London, namely, near the monuments of the famous women in the country.

This action was not invented by the actress herself, and an organization called the “Book fairies”. This organization exists for many years in the UK, and encourages people to read and share books with each other. “Book fairies” for a long time hiding his books on different cities of Britain, thus attracting people to the world’s masterpieces.

The first book from Emma Watson hidden near a monument to Noor Inayat Khan, a woman was a British intelligence officer during the war. Of course, no books remained a monument to the great writer Agatha Christie hidden here are three Toms Alcott. A few books were left near the statue of Amy Winehouse, as well as near the memorial, which refers to the fact that women have the same rights as men. The last monument could not be ignored by the actress, based on events in the world this year.

Everyone who is currently in London, have the opportunity to receive a free book from Emma Watson, just to find her in the capital.

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