Эмма Уотсон бросила бойфренда
Semi-annual affair for the actress has come to an end.

Эмма Уотсон бросила бойфренда

Emma Watson


Chord Overstreet


28-year-old Emma Watson made his relationship with actor Condom
Overstreet, star of the TV show Glee, which
started Dating late last year. Their romance was so
short because of the famous feminist Emma decided: this Alliance undermined her independence, which she puts above all. Interestingly, as with the previous lover, computer expert William
Knight, she also broke up on their own.

Emma with Condom was unlike her previous love story. After all, the 29-year-old Overstreet — her colleague, Watson repeatedly said that she’s not attracted to
the prospect of joining relationship with the actors. Furthermore, Emma did her
can to personal life does not get in the gossip columns. “In Hollywood,
when you start with someone to meet, your novel unwittingly becomes part of
ad company another film and becomes a part of it all
the circus… And I hate it!” — admitted Watson. Moreover, Emma gave
the word that will never be publicly discussed their romance.

For this reason, the Roman
with Condom so little was known: they were seen several times together at concerts
in restaurants in Los Angeles. They came back together and removed also
together. One of the girlfriends actress
confirmed that Watson and Overstreet did, but it was
it is unknown how serious their intentions are.