Emma Watson ditched her boyfriend

Эмма Уотсон бросила своего бойфренда
The star of “Harry Potter” ended their nearly 3-year affair.

Emma Watson with William knight


As it became known, 27-year-old actress who became famous playing the role of Hermione in the franchise “Harry Potter” took
the decision to part with his beloved 37 — year-old entrepreneur William knight. It
started Dating him in the fall of 2015. The first time Emma Watson has seen him
in public in October, when the couple came to the presentation of a Broadway
the musical “Hamilton”.

Officially, the cause of the separation of the pair is not
reported. But, according to the Hollywood gossip, their relationship suffered
due to the fact that both were extremely busy with their careers. From Watson just this year on the screens out
two films where she played a major role. And the knight were passionate about their
entrepreneurial projects. In the end they spent much time apart and
gradually drifted away.

The first time Emma was glad that William is not of
show-business. She has always sought to ensure that her personal life was not on
mind and knight also suit this approach. But gradually the misunderstanding between
them due to the fact that they belonged to different spheres, accumulate…

That Emma broke up with Matthew, very
upset with her friends. As they argue, Roman Watson and knight was quite serious.
William introduced his beloved with a mother, Catherine knight, and they both really liked each
other. Last year even spread the rumors that Emma
was going to play with William’s wedding. However, it never came…

Now Matthew has joined the list of former
boyfriend of the actress. In it are: singer George Craig, a player in Rugby — Matthew Janney, a graduate of Oxford will
Adamovich and financier Jay Barrymore. And in 2015-m to year there were rumors about her short romance with Prince Harry.