Emma Watson did Belle in “Beauty and the beast” a feminist inventor

Эмма Уотсон сделала Белль в «Красавице и чудовище» феминисткой-изобретательницей

Emma Watson to most viewers known as the performer of the role of Hermione Granger in the “potterian”, and Internet users as one of the most active fighters for equality of floors and organizer of the movement, HeForShe.

Now to the track record of the British actress added the role of Belle in the film adaptation of the fairy tale “beauty and the Beast”. But here, playing a classic role, Watson decided to make it more modern and added her character traits are inherent to her.

It turns out that in the new film, the premiere of which is scheduled for spring 2017, the Beauty will become an inventor and feminist.

“In the cartoon is the inventor of her father, but we borrowed it for Belle,” said Emma in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Originally, Belle was quite a bit of information – besides the fact that she loves books. We wondered what she does in her spare time, and created for her backstory – she invented something like a washing machine instead of washing Belle could just sit back and enjoy reading”.

By the way, earlier it was published the first images of the new “beauty and the beast”. Hope full trailer will not keep itself waiting long.