Emma Watson decided to propose to boyfriend

Эмма Уотсон решила сама сделать предложение бойфренду
The star of “beauty and the beast” is going to undo centuries-old tradition.

Emma Watson and William knight

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Well-known activist of the feminist movement — Emma Watson — admitted
friends: she’s not going to wait for her boyfriend William knight will make her
offer. Emma herself wants to ask a loved one to become her husband, according to Сontactmusic.

explained the actress, star of “beauty and the beast” — she considers demeaning to women custom
wait for the man gracing her with his offer. Convinced
feminist Watson believes that it is fundamentally wrong, and that it’s time to end
this “medieval”, in her opinion, tradition. And as Emma and William are already not
discussed the topic of marriage, and, besides, she knows that knight espouses
her fight for equal rights for women and men, she wants the initiative came
from her. Thus, Watson sobiretsya set an example to other girls to encourage them to exercise
independence and initiative.

Emma and
William began Dating last
in the spring, and an affair with the knight helped her to heal her broken heart. The thing
the fact that the rupture with her former boyfriend Rugby star Matthew Geneem — was very painful.
As admitted by Watson, after parting with him, she was forced to hide in
the mountains of Canada, where a few weeks to recover.

Emma, as she
admitted, very tired of living under constant surveillance of the paparazzi.
So she is very happy that night not a star athlete or a movie, and the usual
people. Hopes Emma, it can lead to William is a graduate of the University
at Princeton, earning a living
computer business, the “normal”