Emma Watson commented on the breakup with her boyfriend

Эмма Уотсон прокомментировала расставание с бойфрендом

Emma Watson, as is often the case among Hollywood stars, it is not like talking about his personal life and even more so to discuss the question of her relationship with William knight, a senior Manager of one of the technology companies in Silicon valley.

A couple very rare to see on a date, and the last time Emma and William never appeared together, because of what the press began to appear reports that they broke up.

But these tales Emma decided to put an end, noting that she and her lover just don’t like all the disadvantages that brings popularity: “I’m not going to involve your boyfriend in this public circus, — said Emma Watson. — No matter how much anyone says that it is possible to have a normal relationship, being a celebrity of my magnitude, and not to hide in this personal life, not believe. No one can sustain such a madhouse. And that’s why William does not appear anywhere together. I badly wanted to live behind a gate, and gates in a closed area, but not yet… William is very nice. It has nothing to do with the world of cinema. He graduated from Princeton University, then received his MBA at Columbia University.”

In an interview with Emma was more than Frank and even talked about common interests and topics that are combined with her boyfriend: “William loves sports, the outdoors, adventure and musicals. Just like me — laughs Emma. — He’s very handsome, and he has a great sense of humor that can confirm all of his friends. Including those with whom he communicated in social networks before he deleted all his accounts because of our relationship. The opportunity to lead a normal life for him is just as important as it is to me. And if I don’t want him chasing paparazzi, so we have to hide our relationship. If I were in his place, would hate all these things immediately! Participation in public events, red carpet events and stuff like that. Why did he have to love and joyfully participate in the promotional campaign of my film? Of course, I don’t want to he was part of the show…”.