Emma Watson called the true cause of failure, as in “La La Land”

Эмма Уотсон назвала истинную причину отказа от роли в «Ла-ла Лэнде»

Tomorrow will be the Russian premiere of the film adaptation of the disney tale “beauty and the Beast” with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in the lead roles. The film promises to be a wonderful, magical, kind and instructive. But it should be said that the appearance in it Emma could not take place. As you know, Watson was supposed to be the protagonist in the musical, Damien Salesse “La La land”, but shortly before filming, refused to take part in it.

Today, the actress openly told why her place was taken by Emma stone, who, by the way, eventually got an Oscar for his acting.

Earlier in the press slipped information that the producers of “beauty and the beast” had to abandon Watson because of her excessive demands. But Emma said that the situation was a bit different – she just didn’t docked graphics: the actress has already signed a contract for the shooting of “beauty and the beast” and therefore would not be able to work on “La La Land” at all desire.

According to the actress, role in “beauty and the beast” required a considerable preparation: “I knew that ahead of me horseback riding, dance classes, three months of practice singing, and I knew that all I would need to stay in London,” said Watson. “So because of the imposition of schedules for filming didn’t work out”.