Emma stone said that he had saved her from the madhouse

Эмма Стоун рассказала, что спасло ее от сумасшедшего дома
The actress had a panic attack.


Emma stone has admitted that she had serious mental problems.

“I was always very nervous, especially in childhood, — says the actress. In my head are always spinning at the same time a million of all sorts of thoughts, one worse than the other. For example, sometimes it seemed to me that our house is on fire. I even felt the smell of smoke. And these were not hallucinations, but something inside, in the stomach, in his chest was taut as a string, I couldn’t breathe, the feeling that the end had come. And these attacks happened often… the rest of the time I just stayed in a state of high anxiety. Could a hundred times to ask her mother that awaits me today, where she will, and so on to infinity. I could barely stand school. Loved the old cemetery and wandered around there for hours, picking flowers and decorated them old gravestones…”

Parents are terribly worried about the psyche of the daughter and has addressed for the help to the psychotherapist. “After another session, I drew on the shoulder little green monster and talked to him. Rather, he spoke to me, whispered in my ear some nonsense. I listened, and panic attack was growing by leaps and bounds. But if I turned away from him and continued to do what he did, the monster fell silent. And the main way that helped minimize the impact on me of this ugly monster, was the acting. I started playing in the school theater, improvised…”.

Now the actress is confident that the acting profession had saved her from the madhouse. “When I was doing sketch Comedy, so forgotten, that the reality where I was tormented and went crazy, went by the wayside. Improvisation is a great cure for psychosis, as the laughter.”

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