Эмма Стоун столкнулась с дискриминацией женщин в Голливуде

28-year-old actress Emma stone became a star of the new issue of the magazine Rolling Stone. In addition, the star of the film “La La land” gave an interview in which mildly complained about discrimination against women in Hollywood.

Emma admitted that quite often she had to deal with a situation where her merits have assigned her male colleagues: ” there was a case when I improvised and everyone laughed at my joke then just gave to my colleague is male. Just took me invented the joke.“

Stone also says that she has a special feeling for something which replica is “play” in the film, and what is not, but quite often her opinion is not considered, though in the end she has a law: “I Used to say that some kind of joke wouldn’t work. But I wanted her to say, saying that if it is not funny, its cut out of the film. In the end, the joke is not cut, and she was really unfunny“.

Recall that in recent weeks, the most discussed film stone was the musical “La La land”. Picture in which Emma starred Ryan Gosling, has received critical acclaim and was nominated for a Golden globe.