Eminem is suing the ruling party of New Zealand

Эминем судится с правящей партией Новой Зеландии

For anybody not a secret that before on an official level to use musical compositions, you need to consult with their authors. We note that recently the illegal use of music sinned Donald trump during his election campaign. The same path was repeated by the ruling national party of New Zealand. In the election campaign of 2014, the party leadership used an unlicensed version of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”. However, after the politicians hands, the rapper did not think it necessary, and filed a lawsuit in the High court of Wellington. Defendants, the musician has indicated the National party of New Zealand. The reason statements are a violation of copyright.

Eminem’s lawyer told the Supreme court that “Lose Yourself” is an iconic song, which is tightly controlled licensing, the song is “jewel in the crown music catalog of Eminem”.

“In short, “Lose Yourself” is an extremely valuable song” — said the lawyer, Gary Williams.

The human rights activist noted that copyright holders in the face of the label Eight Mile Style is virtually no cooperation between political parties, and therefore not allow you to use their music in advertising campaigns. Because the act of the ruling party of New Zealand is a direct violation of the law.

What amount of compensation claimed in the lawsuit, was not specified. Most likely, as usually happens in such cases, we are talking about a couple million dollars.

Reference: “Lose Yourself” (from the English. — “Lose yourself”) is a song of Eminem, which was recorded in 2002. The song was released on a compilation album 8 Mile (OST) in 2002 as the soundtrack to the film 8 Mile, in which rapper played a major role. “Lose Yourself” later issued as a single in 2002 and re-released on the greatest hits album Eminem Curtain Call: The Hits. For this song he received many awards, including an Oscar in 2003 in the nomination “the Best soundtrack”. She stayed on the 1st place in the charts in 2.5 months, what was then a record. The song topped the Billboard Hot 100, was also ranked 166 in the list of the 500 greatest songs of all time by the magazine Rolling Stone.