Эмин рассекретил возлюбленную на глазах у тысяч фанатов

The singer gave a rose to the beautiful stranger in front of thousands of spectators. The girl was jealous of the whole room.

With the news about the breakup of Emin with his wife, daughter of President Azerbaijan Leyla Aliyeva, the numerous fans of the singer again began to hope. Of course! Artist not just famous, smart and handsome. He is also extremely rich. Emin is first Vice President of the group of companies Crocus Group, which, for a moment, one of the largest landlords in the country. Assets Crocus Group is estimated at 1.2 billion Girls just go crazy for a musician and his voice. And daily I fall asleep to network with dozens of declarations of love.

But the incident at the concert, which the singer throws every year for his birthday, made fans not a little nervous. During the song “You are so beautiful” Emin gave a rose to the girl sitting in the hall.

“Who is she? Maybe they’re having an affair?” – immediately whispered the spectators.

Later, this same question was asked to the representatives of the musician and journalists to Woman’s Day. Suspicion of fans were confirmed: Emin handed the flowers to his sweetheart!

By the way, despite the fact that birthday was from Emin, he delighted not only his girlfriend, but also the many guests of the evening.

A huge bouquet of flowers and compliments the singer was awarded after a joint concert of Polina Gagarina. Chic roses artist gave to his friend, the singer Ani Lorak…

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However, Emin without gifts is also gone. More than 30 artists participated in the creative gift birthday, having painted the picture of the four musical idols singer, who was launched after midnight, along with a great video greeting.

A collection of unusual gifts in the evening joined knight helmet from Alexey Vorobyov, and also a real Japanese katana from Steven Seagal.

And of course, not without warm words from friends and colleagues. Among them were Steven Seagal, Andrey Malakhov, Maxim Fadeev and Leonid Agutin, Keti Topuria, Timothy, Natasha Ionova, Light LOBODA, Oleg Gazmanov, Olga Seryabkina, Irina Dubtsova, Valeria and Joseph Prigogine, Stas and Inna Mikhailov and many others.

By the way

The concert was special also because it singer presented his new album “Love is a Deadly Game”. Into its composition entered the world of American songs and songs of Emin, recorded in a classic style. The rest of the album was produced by renowned music producer and pianist, winner of 16 Grammy awards, David foster.

During his show, the artist presented the title song of the album is the English version of the hit “Forget you”, as well as a few songs from the new album.

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