Emin Agalarov went to jail

Эмин Агаларов попал за решетку
About the incident told the actors Vladimir Yaglych and Pavel Derevyanko.

Emin Agalarov, Paul Derevianko, Vladimir Yaglych

Became known new details of the filming of “the Night shift” Comedy Marius Weisberg, which is being held in Saint-Petersburg. New details of the plot of the movie told Vladimir Yaglych, posting on a social network
the photo where he is sitting in the detention centre in the company of Emin Agalarov and
Pavel Derevyanko.

The latter, incidentally, did not leave this fact without attention, signing
similar photo in his microblog. “What up now boys!” — laughs

For Emin this role in the movie was the debut. In the feature film the singer
removed for the first time and, according to eyewitnesses, perfectly copes with his work, which is no surprise from the crew. After all, the actor played different
characters in her music videos. And every shot a mini-film is sometimes required
from Agalarov endurance and stamina. For example, only the first working day
singer on the set of the video for “Goodbye” lasted 18 hours.

The plot of the movie the main character Max, a role
which takes Vladimir Yaglych, loses his job on
plant and to feed his family, forced to accept a random offer
classmates — to work as a stripper. Hiding the new profession from his wife Ani,
Max falls in a series of amusingly ridiculous situations. Along with Agrichem to survive
life incidents on screen will be Pavel Derevyanko,
Ksenia Teplova, Natalia Bardo, Igor Jijikin,
Valentina Mazunina, Elena Valyushkina and Tarzan.