Эмин Агаларов, жена

Author and artist known under the stage name Emin, has a lot of fans who are interested in not only his work, but also what he lives off stage. And he is the son of one of the richest men in Russia Aras Agalarov and entrepreneur, who himself does a lot to increase his fortune. Ex-wife of Emin Agalarov Leyla also belongs to the higher strata – is she the daughter of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

However, these two beautiful and successful person are unable to preserve the family, the Emin is very sorry:

“The biggest failure is not the surviving marriage. My wife and I divorced. The children are all well, we are friends, we communicate, but the family is scattered,” says the Agalarov in one of his interviews.

With Leila he lived for nine years, and during this time their family had two twin sons, Ali and Mikail, who Emin loves and continues to communicate after a divorce.

		Эмин Агаларов, жена

Photo: Emin Agalarov with his ex-wife Leila Alimova

With first wife he has maintained good friendships and often she has to spend time with his sons.

		Эмин Агаларов, жена

Crack in family relations was formed in the period when the wife and children of Emin Agalarov went to live in London, and he remained in Moscow where he had a stage and a private business.

		Эмин Агаларов, жена

Leyla Aliyeva sons

They saw each other only on weekends, but gradually these meetings became less frequent, relationship with Leila was getting colder, and in 2015, they decided to officially divorce.

This fact of the biography of Emin Agalarov was actively discussed in the media, but the former couple briefly commented on their breakup, and only two months later, Emin Agalarov told about what happened in his personal life.

“If two people have not developed a personal relationship, it is foolish to imitate family life, it is easier to get a divorce, to maintain friendship, to raise children.And now our relationship is even better than I was married, very good,” admits Agalarov.

He also said that he and his wife were not hurt and did not betray each other, and just realized that the family in the full sense they have failed, and therefore decided to leave.

After Emin Agalarov divorced his wife, he had not ceased to be a good dad and finds any ways to spend more time with children.

		Эмин Агаларов, жена

The sons of singer Mikail Ali and accompany him on tour, are on the set and even business meetings.

		Эмин Агаларов, жена

On the photo: Agalarov with children

But recently their company was joined and the little adopted daughter of his ex-wife Amina.