Emin Agalarov spends time with ex-wife

Эмин Агаларов проводит время с экс-супругой Despite the fact that the singer and the mother of his children divorced, they maintain cordial relations. The businessman sees Leyla Aliyeva and their children. Emin Agalarov also doted in her adopted daughter’s former lover – the girl has grown up so much and matured.

      Эмин Агаларов проводит время с экс-супругой

      Even after my divorce with Leyla Aliyeva Emin Agalarov takes part in the upbringing of their sons, Ali and Mikail, and a foster daughter of his ex-wife Amina. Businessman doted in her adopted daughter’s former lover – the girl has grown up so much and matured.

      The other day in his microblog Agalarov posted a photo of Amina sits at the musician on his knees and plays with his son. The girl has grown up so much and prettier. Fans began to wonder whether Emin adopted this girl. By the way, this is the first photo where the singer showed the girl’s face. Seeing Emin together with the girl followers bombarded the page of the singer sweet words: “Photo with the children is the most touching photos that cause affection and a smile”, “how Much warmth, kindness and love!”, “What a little Princess! You have very beautiful children. You are a wonderful dad, an example to all, Adorable! Unusually is the role of the father. You completely different when with the children!”. In addition to this photo, the contractor showed the frame in an embrace with his sons and ex-wife Leila.

      Agalarov spends a lot of time with the baby Amina and treats her like his own. “She’s cool! Chasing my sons break their constructors, and they are not able to cope with it, afraid to hurt her. Adults defending her: girl! The boys offended: “Dad, you have to stop it, she broke our toys, how can she have no shame?!” And I explain: “When you were young, broke all my toys. But I’m not shouting, suffered. And you must understand that it’s small”. Now when I see sons, Amin almost always with us. And, you know, already see her as their child”, – told the contractor about the character of a girl in one interview.

      Recall that Emin Agalarov and the daughter of the President of Azerbaijan Leyla Aliyeva was married in 2006. In marriage they had two sons. However, young people are unable to get along together, so a year ago they filed for divorce. However, Emin and Leyla retain a warm relationship and communicate regularly. In one interview, the contractor told me that the breakup was painless: “None of us betrayed the other, not offended, we didn’t do anything wrong to each other. And now our relationship is even better than they were in the marriage, very good.”

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