Emin Agalarov shared a rare photo with sweetheart

Эмин Агаларов поделился редким фото с возлюбленной Successful singer and businesswoman rarely shares details of his personal life, but recently made an exception. Emin Agalarov has published in social networks joint photo with his new lover. Currently the actor and his girlfriend, model Alena Gavrilova, relax in Dubai.

      Эмин Агаларов поделился редким фото с возлюбленной

      The singer and Vice-President of the group of companies Crocus Group Emin Agalarov rarely shares with his fans details his personal life. After parting with the daughter of President Azerbaijan Leyla Aliyeva artist and businessman to hide their new relationship from the public’s attention.

      In April of this year it became known that Agalarov is Dating a model and a winner of several beauty pageants Alyona Gavrilova. Together the couple visited one of the social events. And recently, just recently, Emin has published in his Instagram a picture together with his new obsession in Dubai. The couple decided to go rest on may holidays abroad, like many stars of show business. “Capture the moment”, — signed photo of the singer.

      The picture is not visible on the girl’s face Emin, but fans of the charismatic actor quickly realized with whom he now rests in the Emirates. Basically their opinion was unanimous — is none other than Alena Gavrilova. Subscribers Agalarov wished him happiness in a relationship with beauty: “Emin, peace to your home”, “If you like this girl really, do not pay attention to anyone else and be happy”, “Alyona is a very beautiful and elegant. Emin, you are a perfect match to each other”, “Beautiful couple and a beautiful relationship”.

      By the way, someone thought that the girl in the picture is Katie Topuria, one of the old friends of Emin, but at the moment the soloist “A Studio” is located in Cyprus in company with Alexander Revva and the singer Christmas Tree. Recently the artists have a great dinner and the company of friends, than has delighted his fans.

      Recall that 36-year-old successful businessman and singer Emin Agalarov is the father of two adorable twin sons Ali and Michael. They came to light in December 2008. The boy’s mother — the daughter of President Azerbaijan Leyla Aliyeva. The singer had a long relationship with a girl, they dated for three years before they were married, and the marriage of Emin and Leyla lasted about nine years. Later in his interview with Agalarov admitted that the decision to part was mutual. The former couple broke up very peacefully and without nerves. They remain friends and raise children together.

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