Эмин Агаларов благодарен экс-супруге за встречи The singer is satisfied with the relationship with Leyla Aliyeva. Emin Agalarov admitted that he does not like to be alone. So the artist is happy when the ex-wife comes to him with children to concerts to support his work.

      Эмин Агаларов благодарен экс-супруге за встречи

      After leaving Leyla Aliyeva Emin Agalarov continues to participate in the education of their sons, Ali and Mikail, as well as the foster daughter of the former wife Amina. The businessman and the artist loves children and he is always very happy to see them.

      It often happens that the rupture of relations between spouses has a negative impact on the further communication of family members, which for some reason broke up. Fortunately, in the life of Emin is different. He managed to keep a strong relationship with children, and remain friends with the ex-wife. The daughter of former President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev often come with the children to concerts Agalarov to support his work.

      “I do not like to be alone. It is much nicer when our entire family gets together: my mom and sister flew in from America, Papa – from Moscow to support me at the festival, Leila and the children, too. The relationship with Leila, who now is a credit to both of us. We have no subject for dispute, we grow beautiful children, and the main task is to keep them happy: I want them to see us together, smiling and happy,” admitted Emin.

      I wonder what new song Agalarov will Run in Baku” became a hit this summer. The track is already in hot rotation on many radio stations and is an integral part of the resort discos. The Emin confronts a new goal. The artist dreams of more success and wants to face a new challenge.

      “I’m concerned about the support of the family, but the final decision still for me. I am very strict and critical of yourself. There were cases when I showed the song to friends and parents, but their score was much higher than my own. Understand that this does not lead me to the result. It seems to me that to date I have, of course, there are the singles, which seems to have taken place, however, I wonder if I can write a good song or co-authored, and may be written a special song for me that will be a hit. Something like “I love you to tears” or Serov’s “glass of vodka” the Leps. Here is a real challenge, like to hit the jackpot,” said Agalarov in an interview, “Peopletalk”.

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