Emily Watson: “I Have an affair with a colleague”

Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой» The actress told “StarHit” about working on the series “the Genius”, the show which starts on Sunday. In the new serial movie Emily Watson played the role of the wife of the great scientist albert Einstine in the performance of Geoffrey rush.
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»

30 April on the National Geographic channel will start showing a ten serial film “Genius”, dedicated to the greatest scientist of 20th century albert Einstein. On the eve of the long-awaited premiere of “StarHit” talked with actress Emily Watson, who played in the TV role of Elsa, the wife of the main character. The actress spoke about how preparing for the role, why a modern audience might be interested in the story of the life of a star science, as well as on joint work with Geoffrey rush.

Why do you think the life story of albert Einstein interesting today?
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»It is to him we owe our understanding of the Universe. In addition, the personality of Einstein is truly unique. If Elsa did not take any measures to leave Nazi Germany, albert would have been lost to us. But even today we cannot fully appreciate the significance of his discoveries and scientific papers. I believe that the language of the era are not so far from our time. In my opinion, the life of Einstein is just the kind of story we need to tell our children. And tell not in the spirit of “never forget”, but as the story of the day.—
What is your character different from Mileva, the first wife of the scientist?
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»Elsa was not interested in physics, and she’s not even close to had such a high intellectual level as Einstein. But the second wife of albert it never claimed. A caring nurse and nurse, Elsa is well versed in people and knew how to succeed in life, unlike Mileva. She was interested in politics, and it could be called a skillful Manager. I think that at one time it even could be treated with suspicion, considering it to be too progressive for her time.
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»
How had the relationship of Elsa and albert?
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»Parting with Milieu have given Einstein a very difficult and painful. The second wife became for him just a breath of fresh air. But it wasn’t love at first sight. Elsa carefully and motherly caring for albert during his illness. It turned out that he needed more support than passion. —
What qualities do you see in Elsa?
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»She is very strong and knows exactly what he wants. Elsa hopes to become Mrs. albert Einstein and wants to control her husband. In the end it achieves its goal. At the same time, Elsa, unlike albert, aware of the dangers of the current political situation in the world.—
What do you like the relationship of Elsa and albert?
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»They are a real team that is able to overcome social stereotypes and conventions. I think that Elsa and albert like bonding at the molecular level, because they are cousin and sister. I like the unity of two people. In addition, they really loved each other. Elsa sent her husband when he became world famous.
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»
Vincent Kartheiser (Raymond geist) said that to work with you and Jeffrey rush is like to work with the couple. Do you agree?
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»This is my third project where I play, “Mrs. Geoffrey rush”. We get along great, and we are very comfortable working. We have Jeffrey there’s some connection, so I know exactly when he was uncomfortable or worried about something. I feel when it is not necessary to rehearse over and over again, and it is necessary to let go and allow it to manifest in the scene in a natural way. With Jeffrey, we encourage each other and try not to take advice. —
What did you focus while working on the role?
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»I tried to show the strength of her character. A large part of the scenes in which we are engaged to Jeffrey, looks natural and relaxed, although we have very different energy: it is thoughtful, and I’m full of energy. I like it. Often when playing a scene with another actor, if you merge with it, losing individuality. About my character I would like to say that it spokoinaya and even silent, Elsa tries to keep everything under control. However, there are times when she needs to be strong and try to calm down.—
How much you had to learn to understand the role?
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»I read a thick book and searched for additional information online. Especially strongly I was struck by the psychology of Einstein. As a young man, albert was able to abandon imposed ideas, and were absolutely free in their thoughts. This feeling helped his mind to be cleansed from all the junk and see the “scientific truth” of things. I believe that rebellious beginning helped him to make scientific discoveries. —
Do you feel a kinship with Einstein?
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»Remotely. I have a distrust of government, religion and other such things. Of course, I love a smart man like Einstein, who made a scientific discovery due to the fact that not listening to people, pointing, what and how to do.
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»
What’s it like to work with Ron Howard?
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»It was a wonderful time. Ron is a legend. A great honor for me to become part of history, which he directed. Ron clearly and confidently finds the right rhythm for the story, but still fun to work with.—
And how do you like the costumes and makeup?
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»I liked the crazy gray wig, thanks to them, our Jeffrey characters are not distinguished from each other. Before filming began, when we were chatting, I offered to play albert and Elsa as Tweedledum and Twiddy from “Alice in Wonderland”, because they are so similar, almost like twins.—
You came up with some similar methods and features for your characters?
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»It happened unconsciously, as we have for many years worked together, and we have warm, friendly relations. I think that the harmony between us was transferred to the screen.
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»
What impression have you left Prague?
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»It is surprising that so beautiful, clean, unspoilt and authentic places in this city, still on the Ground. Our team filmed with three cameras, quietly and swiftly like a ninja squad. Shooting in Prague was memorable to me because of its special atmosphere that seems to envelop you. An indescribable feeling. —
Your idea about albert Einstein changed?
Эмили Уотсон: «У меня связь с коллегой»I learned new things about him. Early in my mind was only the image of the eccentric old man. I had no idea that he was quite “wild” boys, and even failed their exams. In my opinion, such details are charming.—
What should the audience expect from the series “Genius”?
I confess that prior to filming I did not know the answer to this question. I had a feeling the story of a young man who makes an incredible discovery while in the midst of events occurring in Europe in the early 20th century, it will be very interesting. I think that in the end we got a really entertaining story. I hope that the audience will find it exciting!