Эмили Ратажковски в компании нового мужчины?

Here and so. Recently model Emily Ratzkowski married Sebastian Bear-Mcclard, and already spends time on a yacht in the company of Australian male model George Barrett. Frank the model is not surprising, because Emily can safely put explicit photos on your profile instagram.

Эмили Ратажковски в компании нового мужчины?

On a yacht in Sardinia Emily was fooling around with a male model and was not against his touch. The pair were seen together with a male model in new York, though both were dressed and didn’t allow herself to reach. Then George photographed on the street in Emily the image of Jacqueline Kennedy.

Arrived in Sardinia the model and the model is not just like that, so it’s possible a simple working relationship. They participate in the annual Unicef charity event Summer Gala. After we had a party and was a guest star.

In early February, the model was married. Fans assumed that if that day comes, the husband of the girl will become her boyfriend Jeff Magid, with whom she was in a relationship for three years, but it turned out that marry is destined for another.

“I got married today,” said Rajakoski under the photo with her lover and now husband, producer Sebastian bear-Maclarda on instagram. For the first time with producer model appeared in December of last year. Together they attended a basketball match in new York, and in love with nobody seemed.

True, super model is not paid much attention to his personal life. Her instagram is filled with Nude pictures from photo shoots, and not with her husband. For example, in the Internet appeared the new advertising campaign of the brand DL1961 producing denim. Heroines of the new spring-summer collection steel model Emily Ratzkowski, the daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, Lizzy Jagger, fashion blogger Patricia Manfield and famous model and mother of billionaire and inventor Elon musk, 69-year-old Mei Mask.

His campaign DL1961 have provided quotes, dedicated to equality in all senses: “We all need to think like global citizens,” says Mei Mask. Over the past few months, Mei managed to star in several advertising campaigns in the press talking about her almost more than her son: on the threshold of its 70th anniversary, this woman, when participating in a beauty contest “Miss South Africa” proves that the beauty and relevance of age depend.