Emily Ratzkowski and Amy Schumer were arrested after a rally for women’s rights

Эмили Ратажковски и Эми Шумер были арестованы после митинга за права женщин

More than three hundred women, including celebrities ready to take to the streets and protest against injustice. They try all ways, mostly peace, justice and equality. But not always and less known methods to achieve success, what evidence is the recent incident highlighted in the media. Famous model and actress Emily Ratzkowski along with a friend of actress Amy Schumer went with other girls to protest in front of the Capitol in the US capital after he was arrested.

Эмили Ратажковски и Эми Шумер были арестованы после митинга за права женщин

More than 300 girls in that day were protesting against the appointment of Brett kavanaugh for the post of judge of the Supreme court. This post is very important and is issued for life, so women could not speak out against. The fact that Cavanaugh was accused of sexual harassment by three women. The post has been nominated by President Donald trump, whose personality is so badly perceived female. Testimony in the judiciary Committee of the U.S. Senate Cavanaugh tearfully said: “You can’t make me go!”. Despite the fact that the US President continues to publicly support a nominated candidate, celebrities in addition Ratzkowski and Schumer believe that a candidate with such a biography can not occupy such an important position. Among them you will meet such persons: alyssa Milano, Jessica Chastain, armie hammer and others.

To cover their activities Schumer decided using the social network Instagram, where she posted a photo with a banner reading “Respect the existence of women or accept our protest.” Under the photo the actress wrote, “Today I protested against the appointment of Brett kavanaugh for a seat in the Supreme court against the man accused of multiple episodes of sexual violence against women. The man who hurt women can not have such power. Approval Cavani this post shows women from the US, they don’t matter. I demand the government to take into account and respect the views of women just as it does with men.”

But Ratzkowski announced their intentions to support the girls at the picket on the eve of the event. Even then she suspected he would be arrested and told that I wouldn’t be surprised if her assumptions are reality. “We need to get together. I want all begun to act, whether the message in social networks, participation in a March or a donation. You must come for the sake of their sisters, daughters and mothers. Come! We will continue to fight.”

According to eyewitnesses who saw the arrest of the Actresses, it was absolutely peaceful. The network also has pictures of girls from the area. It can be seen that everything is in order. However, released if the girls are out of phase and will they pay a fine — is not known.