Эмили Ратаковски надоело быть сексуальной девушкой

Эмили Ратаковски надоело быть сексуальной девушкой

In a recent interview, 28-year-old American model Emily Ratajkowski said she was tired of the image of “sexy girls” and she experiences conflicting feelings for his perfect appearance. She admitted that she felt in her sexuality is a force, but she doesn’t like that everyone was looking at her with only one hand.

“Yes, I found in it a certain power, but only for themselves. Like I’m empowered for yourself. No one cares how much money I made, or how things are going in my career,” complained the model to journalists.

Emily also made emphasis on the fact that he wants to be glorified in his young age due to career and creativity. In her mind there are many unusual plans that she will share in the near future. The girl truly believes that people will pay attention specifically to her personality and not her perfect body.

In addition to the plans for the future, Rutkowski said, as stereotypes in the minds of men affect her life in General. It turns out that the people with whom she is not acquainted or indirectly acquainted, think her a silly girl, because a beautiful girl with a perfect body shape may not have high intelligence. The stigma of “stupid beauty” is very offensive. Society doesn’t allow beautiful women to be sexy and smart at the same time.

Preparing Emily for society to break down stereotypes, and whether it will be able to really draw attention to themselves with mental activities? Time will tell, we can only expect the result.

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