Эмили Ратаковски беременна?

American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski has sparked controversy regarding her pregnancy, put up a new post in Instagram.

The beauty has posted a new photo on which poses together with her husband, producer Sebastian bir Makklajnom. A couple dressed in sports: in the model of high-waisted jeans and halter top, and the husband of bright pink jeans and gray t-shirt. But subscribers stirred one fact and that is not rounded belly (with forms Emily is still all right, and the top very well said “wasp” waist). Interested fans a different model chose a very interesting signature for the image.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Mom and Dad

Does, polirani Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) 21 Ser 2019 R. 4:19 PDT

“Mom and dad” — succinctly signed Emily Ratajkowski.

It is clear that no one was indifferent anybody: neither the fans nor Hatari or celebrity. Still trying to find out whether Emily is pregnant or it is the next game with subscribers.

So, asked about the position Ratajkowski and other model size “plus size” Ashley Graham.

“Hey, you too?”, — asked Ashley.

Other members also asked a lot of questions about being pregnant if Emily Ratajkowski, some of them just expressed their joy for the happy couple.

We will remind, on August 14 Ashley Graham and her husband Justin Irwin announced that after nine years of marriage, waiting for the firstborn.

Model for some time held the intrigue and did not answer. But later replied to a comment gets the most likes. Emily Ratajkowski said she and her husband really are the “father and mother”, but not for the future of the child, and their dogs in Colombo.

Recall from Sebastian bir Maclarda model married last year. However, fans believed that the husband of the girl will become her boyfriend Jeff Magid. But the expectations proved to be deceptive.

Emily Ratajkowski also recently showed her seductive form in swimsuits of their own brand bikinis and underwear “Inamorata”.

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