Emily Ratajkowski in the June issue of Marie Claire magazine: on marriage, feminism and politics

Эмили Ратаковски в июньском номере журнала Marie Claire: о браке, феминизме и политике

26-year-old model Emily Ratajkowski, the star of instagram, became the heroine of the June issue of Marie Claire. In an interview she said how it relates to feminism, public opinion about her sudden marriage and politics.

Эмили Ратаковски в июньском номере журнала Marie Claire: о браке, феминизме и политике

Only three months have passed since the beginning of the relationship Emily Ratajkowski and her lover Sebastian bir-Mcclard and those immediately went away. This sudden decision to get married came as a shock to fans of the model. After Emily put on display the first photo with her husband, the public began betting on the duration of the marriage. “They took us three weeks,” — says the model. Your choice Emily considers to be serious and argues that such reaction of the public caused by the fact that married she doesn’t like doing it all. “No one takes seriously women and their choices, especially if these women are for them a specific and marry not, as is customary, unconventional way.”

Despite the fact that some consider frivolous model, in particular due to the candid photos, Emily remains of a different opinion and clearly knows how to relate to his career. “I have always treated it very seriously. I have something to prove, and not just acting ability or appearance. It was about being taken seriously. I never treated it lightly”.

Эмили Ратаковски в июньском номере журнала Marie Claire: о браке, феминизме и политике
The model also spoke about feminism. “We live in a Patriarchal world, where there is misogyny. Women are treated through the prism of the male gaze. But if it suits them and makes you happy, should they feel bad about it? I don’t know the answer. Freedom of choice — that is feminism. Do what you want!”

About political views Ratajkowski was not silent either. “I am left-radical views, and hoped that with the coming to power of the trump will begin the radicalization. I saw a lot of people in pink hats who published the photo in their Instagram and thought they had done something important for the world. But I think that’s not true. I struggle with the label “activist” because, in principle, are struggling with what it means activism in 2018 as a whole.”

We will remind, fans assumed that if the wedding day comes, the husband of model will be her boyfriend Jeff Magid, with whom she was in a relationship for three years, but it turned out that marry is destined for another.

“I got married today,” said Rutkoske under the photo with her lover and now husband, producer Sebastian bear-Maclarda on instagram. For the first time with producer model appeared in December of last year. Together they attended a basketball match in new York, and in love with nobody seemed.