Эмили Ратаковски снова оголилась на пляже

Эмили Ратаковски снова оголилась на пляже

Fans of the famous model recently came to the conclusion that their favorite Emily Ratajkowski literally live in bathing suits. But lately, her swimsuits have become more outspoken. It was in this garb model got the photo when she was once again lounging on the beach in Miami.
Emily Ratajkowski is not afraid to burn? Began to worry the commentators under her regular candid shots. Model and actress, 28, split almost to zero when sunbathing on the beach in Miami on October 14, and it looked incredible. Swimsuit Emily
was very Frank, but despite the fact that the swimsuit was not so much Emily and lowered his straps from his shoulders. At some point up the bathing suit at all went down to Emily’s waist, exposing her gorgeous Breasts and taut tummy. The paparazzi have not missed this moment and the next day these sexy pictures appeared in popular magazines of the country. On the beach model rested not one to bask in the sun joined by her best friend and business partner, kat Mendenhall.

Эмили Ратаковски снова оголилась на пляжеIt is worth noting the swimsuit, which was on Ratajkowski, is called Leucadia, named after her hometown in California) and costs a little less $ 160. Swimwear is a collection of swimwear Inamorata.

In order to somehow protect themselves from the sun Emily wore a hat bucket leopard, and their beach gear and piled into a chic beach bag Versace. Emily and kat, that the model knows from high school, I relaxed on the beach during
the celebration of Columbus Day, lounging under palm trees, sipping from cans of beer Peroni.

Fans are obviously used to seeing Emily in a very open swimwear, given that about 90 per cent of the tape in Instagram is a photo and video in a bikini. Emily rightly decided that it’s not only the best able to promote its product, but also the best model for their brand Inamorata.

Sexy closet Emily includes not only beach attire. At the International film festival in Toronto, Emily dressed up in line with activity, however, has not ceased to be less fascinating!

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