Emilia Spivak know how to overcome any stress

Эмилия Спивак знает, как побороть любой стресс
The star of the series “Secrets of investigation” there are some proven ways to fight, including with age.

Emilia Spivak

Photo: Andrew Fedechko

“The transition
in another age category for women is a very difficult and painful
the question said “7 Days” 35-year-old actress. — If you
used to be the most beautiful woman, and you pay less attention, of course,
be ready for many sacrifices in order to save the beauty”.

For the sake of perfect figure, many women, particularly Actresses, “prescribed” in the fitness rooms and set hard
limitations in the menu, flatly refusing, for example, from
sweet. But Spivak, the diet which is not only low-calorie chicken, fish and
vegetables, says: “In my opinion, everything is possible, but in moderation. The same tea cake
perfectly lifts my spirits! If I could, I would eat
exclusively pretzels and cakes. So I’m not refusing anything,
just the same Italian pasta or eat cheese every day”.

So what does Emilia not to gain weight? In fact, according to her, the sport she
can’t stand a fitness believes violence on themselves… As it turns out, now
three years the actress is keen on Hiking with pedometer. “The day is doing the minimum
12 thousand steps. The wheel did not sit down for a very long time: walking is healthier! And
for the shooting I carry”.

Another mystery — dances, which the actress is engaged to

Helps her keep fit body massage.”Have
have a great massage therapist, it helps me cope with spasms in the back, from
which I suffer after difficult performances. Unlike the dancers, I have a spasm
does not arise from physical and psychological overload. By the way, massage
me — still the best remedy for stress. Plus walks, a glass of red wine,
a good night’s sleep”.

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