Эмилия Кларк поделилась переживаниями после двух инсультов и рассказала, чего боится в данный момент

Эмилия Кларк поделилась переживаниями после двух инсультов и рассказала, чего боится в данный момент

The shooting of “Game of thrones” began for 33-year-old Emilia Clarke real challenge in life. It is in this period of her life she lost her father, has survived two serious operations on the brain while she was overwhelmed with the glory, which did not feel safe. Emilia gave an interview and said that these moments were the hardest in my life.

The first time the actress came to the clinic with severe headaches in 2001, doctors diagnosed an aneurysm (a type of stroke). At that time she had just finished filming the first season of “Game of thrones”. The girl was in the hospital for a month, she was made the first surgery to remove the aneurysm. Unfortunately, two years later, the situation repeated itself and she was again in hospital with the same diagnosis.

Emilia admitted that the second time she’d lost all of his optimism. She was lying in the clinic of America, sticking out of his head tube, from the huge amount of medications the body is all swollen. At that time the celebrity was thinking only one thing: if only one didn’t recognize her.

The creators of the series knew that the main character is sick and she requires constant monitoring, however, it was decided not to advertise this fact. So aware were just some of the people on the set.

The actress remembered those awful moments of life, she admitted that the headache was unbearable, she was often vomiting, but she was struggling to concentrate and to repeat the scene. The main thing for it was to move his hand and feet, knowing that the brain is not down.

Emilia was very difficult to accept attention from fans, although she knew that agreed to it herself. The actress admitted that she felt very vulnerable, she wanted to just disappear from the face of the earth, she hid her eyes and hid the face. Clark remembered the situation when she sat with his mother in a cafe, and mourned the death of his father. At this point approached the fan and asked to be photographed, but the actress refused. Then she was charged and said that I had a better opinion about it.

With all these problems, Emilia admitted that “Game of thrones” has become a real salvation for her. If not the main role in this film, she would not have coped with their emotions. Work it really helped to relax and not think constantly about the cruelty of this world.

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