Emilia Clarke believes that to cope with grief helped her the Mother of dragons

Эмилия Кларк считает, что справиться с горем ей помогла Мать драконов
The star of “Game of thrones” says that many people in my life obliged her character Mother of dragons.


Emilia Clarke — the only star of the series “Game of thrones”, which can compete in popularity with the role of Jon snow kit Harrington. But despite the millions in royalties and crazy fame, the girl is still single and is experiencing the same life problems that thousands of women around the world. The main one Emilia believes self-doubt that accompanies her youth.

“I will not take, — says Clark. — Worked as a waitress in a pub, saved some money, went to travel around India and South Asia. Came back and again began to break open doors. And one day a call came from the drama Centre in London: “Actress broke her leg. We take you in her place”. Directly even funny in some sense. After all, this theatrical institution is called in our environment “Trauma”. It is not easy to learn because you apart, and then fold again. As you see fit. And yet there is a system of favorites. . I, of course, the number of Pets and favorites are not included. And played there, or prostitutes, or old ladies. After high school was again on the street. No job, no prospects. And it is here that my agent and got me to Los Angeles the opportunity to audition for the show. Of course, I studied everything that was written by George Martin and everything about him read, but even when I got the role, I was dreaming that I was again sitting on the phone doing telemarketing. Me parents were very supportive — when I realized that I was really going to become an actress. Not given to despair… For a few weeks before the filming of the seventh season of “Game of thrones” my daddy died. I, frankly, never recovered. Don’t know when I can stop to feel so keenly the shock and grief… I was in England, was filmed in America and couldn’t make it back in time to say goodbye to him… And that’s right in the airport know… Hundreds of books written about how to cope with grief, but still there is no tutorial or guides, where it would be said: “Well, Tuesday you’ll feel a little better, and on Thursday will return to the previous life.” In these circumstances, I can use my Daenerys. The ability to focus on the inner world of a woman able to defeat entire armies and destroy the social structure that allows you to firmly feel the ground under my feet. Still, to be the Mother of Dragons and a little change is probably impossible. And it really helped me in those moments when I am particularly bitterly experienced the Pope’s death, when everything reminded me of him… I tried full force Daenerys to accumulate…”

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