Эмилия Кларк чуть не умерла из-за инсульта

In anticipation of the final season of Game of Thrones actors are promoting the show and tell various stories associated with filming. Emilia Clarke again gave a candid interview and talked about how he almost died during the filming of the second season because of the stroke!

Эмилия Кларк чуть не умерла из-за инсульта

In an interview with the New Yorker Emilia said that after the first season it had fallen to sudden fame. Public pressure led to the fact that the actress needed to look at 100. Clark decided to start exercise with a personal trainer, however, one of the classes turned actress sudden pain. “I went to the bathroom, fell to my knees, and I was beginning very much to feel sick. And the pain in the head — shooting, cutting, compressing is increased. I realized something with my brain. I said to myself: “No, I’m not paralyzed”. I tried to move my fingers, said a few lines from his role in “Game of thrones””.

Eventually the ambulance arrived when the actress was unconscious. After hospitalization, the doctors gave Emilia the diagnosis of “hemorrhagic stroke”, which happened because of vessel rupture in the brain. The doctors conducted an operation and a month later, Clark returned to filming the second season of Game of Thrones. “I get so dizzy, and was so weak, I thought I was going to die. When we had a press tour before the second season, I saw the morphine between interviews. I panted and stood on his feet. After the first day of filming I got to the hotel and there fell from fatigue. I did on the set all that is required of me, but it was very difficult.”

In Emilia, they found another aneurysm, so she had to constantly be examined and had an MRI. After the third season the risk of a new stroke was too high, so the actress once again went under the knife. Directly during surgery started bleeding and the doctors had to do surgery for open brain. Part of the cranial bones even replaced by titanium plates.

“I spent a month in the hospital, and there were moments when I was completely desperate. I didn’t look anyone in the eye. I had anxiety, panic attacks. I was sure I would not survive. Memories of this time I have such dark, that I am even now difficult to restore them. My memory just blocked them,” said Clark.

Previously, the 32-year-old Emilia Clarke, who starred in the TV series the white-haired Daenerys “Mother of dragons”, graced the cover of Australian Elle and talked about the experience which was got during the filming. To say goodbye to a series is not easy. Actress for a long time can not get rid of the image of the Mother of Dragons. “To say goodbye to “Game of thrones” is not easy. The shooting was the experience that changed my life. If you leave home to begin an independent life. Happy new adventures to come, but the heart is the fact that many had to leave behind. I was 24 when I started acting in the TV series. Work on it took most of my adult life,” said Emilia.

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