Аварийная посадка: группа SEREBRO чудом избежала авиакатастрофы The plane, which was flying musical trio, refused the flaps. Board disappeared from radar. Olga Seryabkina together with colleagues, Katya Kischuk and Tanya Morgunova, outraged by the unprofessional actions of the crew.
Аварийная посадка: группа SEREBRO чудом избежала авиакатастрофы

“Today, we miraculously landed in Montenegro, – a few hours ago, wrote in his Instagram Olga Seryabkina, frontwoman of the group SEREBRO. In the account where most flashed photos of half-naked girls, mostly Seryabkina, unusual for this page frame is the ticket for flight “Moscow – Tivat”. And below it, very emotional post. – Immediately after takeoff we have not closed the flaps of the aircraft, and we could crash. Our plane disappeared from the radar nearly an hour, and nobody knew where we are. Before landing, circled for more than an hour”.

But most of all the soloists of the collective, which, recall, produces Maxim Fadeev enraged the behavior of the crew. Or rather, stewardesses.

“The flight attendants realized what was going on terrible – continued Olga his poignant publication, all shaking and pale. Declare an emergency landing in another place and asking if the on Board doctors. We had to land in Tivat, – says the singer – and flew to another place – probably for technical reasons. We were prepared for the emergency landing showed the poses. On Board was hell – all crying, shouting. All flight attendants of the plane [a airlines], except one, were completely unprofessional”.

Further Seryabkina quotes the words of the flight attendants. “The announcement was trash: “When landing three heavy blow. Cover your head with your hands. If you sit down, things not to take – escape from the plane”… the fact that we landed today, is a happy occasion. Over 11 years in the group, this was not. More [this] company […] in our rider will never be. We flew to the concert to make people happy”.

According to the girl, at the moment they are unable “to change and to throw the situation out of my head”.

“Everything came out of the plane in complete shock, she writes. – We were met by firefighters, intensive care unit, “soon.” And we just were glad to be alive. I am strongly opposed to anyone once sat in this plane. To the company […] today there is no trust. Do not fly if you value your life and your loved ones”.

Meanwhile, the staff of the group SEREBRO was left in complete awe of the behavior of one passenger, “colleagues” unfortunately, but really fortunately.

“We personally stay calm not because of the flight attendants, and thanks to the man who was flying next to us. I don’t know his name, but he had a human effect. Sat in the front row with a young son in C and D (the sequence number of seats. – “StarHit”.). Said all the right and important things. Sorry, we don’t know who it is. And the flight attendants were only created panic, except for one, ‘ says Olga. In a moment when we sat down, the intensity of a panic attack. I ask: “what Are the odds we land?” And she said, “it Is”. But in her eyes you could read that some of them”.

“We could’ve died today – sums up the girl. – Thanks to the pilot this did not happen. Please take care of yourself.”

Comments from the airlines about the incident due to the late hour has not yet been reported. But not sleeping at night, the users of Instagram immediately responded to the post. Someone started to defend the air carrier, claiming that it is one of the best firms. Someone was in solidarity with Seryabkina in the assessment of the incompetence of the stewards and stewardesses. But the most of the beginning of a human being to sympathize with the singer and her companions.

“Take care of yourself!” “What a nightmare…”, “Tin! Thank God there were!”, “But that’s not the company’s business. And so the situation is not pleasant. Hang in there, silver. Back to fly, too bad”, “Maybe it’s time to go to Church, so next time the Lord did not turn away, too,” – such messages at this time appear below recently made by the publication.

By the way, there are among the commenters and those who think like hitting the airline on behalf of the soloist of the famous group-planned and pre-paid PR-campaign in favor of another major carrier.