Emancipation in action: Wolverine will be a woman

Эмансипация в действии: Росомаха станет женщиной

The producers of the film “X-Men” found a replacement for Hugh Jackman.

While fans of comic books about mutant superheroes pour bitter tears over the departure from the project, Australian actor (Jackman said that Wolverine-3 – the last film with his participation), the producers have found a way out of the situation. In the best traditions of the genre it would be good to kill the beast-a mutant in the final scene of the picture and close his line, but the authors are not ready to say goodbye to one of the key characters, bringing millions of box office receipts, due to the whim of the actor.

Эмансипация в действии: Росомаха станет женщиной

The producer of “X-Men” Simon Kinberg said that the movie team of “X-men” will be another mammal of the weasel family. However, now the animal-a werewolf will stand in the way of a beautiful lady. The name of the new Wolverine – “X-23”. How would say the hero Nikulina in “Operation y,” “that nobody guessed”.

X-23, she is Laura Kinney, has 12 years there in the print version of “X-Men”. She is the only successful clone of Wolverine, created by geneticist Sarah Kinney. Initially, X-23 was raised in laboratories as a deadly weapon. But soon the girl was out of control. I think soon it should be an interesting series of paintings about the lady with the claws of a miracle metal “adamantium”. And while you can appreciate the new work of the singer – “X-Men: Apocalypse”. The premiere is scheduled for 27 may.

In the meantime…

Recently named the new agent 007. Daniel Craig has finally decided that he will leave the service of her Majesty”. It will replace the 35-year-old Tom head, who became famous for the role of bad guy Loki in a series of paintings about “the Avengers”.

It is worth noting that the 48-year-old Daniel Craig has starred in four of the last parts of James bond. After the completion of the last painting, the actor said he would rather commit suicide than will once again play bond (read more HERE).

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