Elvirе T had to make excuses to the neighbors

Elvirе T пришлось оправдываться перед соседями
Popular singer Elvira T in every speech tries to invest to the max to surprise the fans.

Elvirе T пришлось оправдываться перед соседями

Recently, the singer was busy filming the new clip.

Elvirе T пришлось оправдываться перед соседями

According to the story the final shot in an apartment for the desired effect, used the smoke machine.

But it really scared the neighbors, they thought the fire started.

“After 20 minutes of us just walks in six people with equipment. The police and firefighters. Begin to question, to find out if there is a check-in, passport and so on. And we have a big shot. The guys at panic shows all of my videos and I spend the whole apartment singing one of their hits, to somehow explain what is happening. In the end, we were released and wished well to shoot. The moral of the fable: if there is the song and the clip, then you’re screwed!” – said the artist.

Star hopes that its new creation will be approved by the fans.

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