Elvira T torched his apartment

Elvira T подожгла свою квартиру The girl provoked panic neighbors. Singer Elvira T became interested in filming a music video and didn’t notice how frightened other tenants. The artist had to explain for their creativity in front of the police.

Popular singer Elvira T strives to make each performance a maximally entertaining and effective. She admits that for the sake of favourite things are ready practically on all. So, recently passed the new video for the song stars. During the filming of the final scene, which is set in an apartment, had used the smoke machine. But in the midst of the process to the door of the celebrity called the frightened neighbor.

It turned out, the woman made the effects with real fire. She was seriously angry with a young star, accusing her of arson. Then Elvira tried to explain to the lady that nothing terrible happens, and young people just are actively engaged in creativity. However, after a while the singer was raided by men in uniform.

“After 20 minutes of us just walks in six people with equipment. The police and firefighters. Begin to question, to find out if there is a check-in, passport and so on. And we have a big shot. The guys at panic shows all of my videos and I spend the whole apartment singing one of their hits, to somehow explain what is happening. In the end, we were released and wished well to shoot. The moral of the fable: if there is the song and the clip, then you’re screwed!” – said the actress in the microblog.

By the way, the team still managed to complete work on the video. In recognition of the beauty they worked for two days without sleep and rest. Now she laughs, Recalling the incident. Elvira believes that the complicated situation during filming only increase the chances of success. By the way, this approach is shared by fans of the singer. They supported the favourite, and happy happy end to the story.

“Pretty! Well came out of the situation!”, “To sing a song the police – it’s hard!”, “Do not fire! And so are you – fire!”, “Honey, I’m sure that video turned out cool!” commented on users of the social network post star.

The girl was very pleased with the words of fans. Note that she always strives for a friendly atmosphere in Instagram. Her publications are rarely the subject of discussion, haters, and subscribers love and respect a celebrity for her honesty. They do not hide that the actress has already become for them a loved one whose joy and sorrow are perceived by them as their own.