Elton John commemorated the deceased friend George Michael

Элтон Джон помянул усопшего друга Джорджа Майкла

Sir Elton John said touching speech during a recent radio broadcast on the station Beats 1, pomyanuv his close friend and colleague George Michael, who died on Christmas day 25 December last year.

In his speech, Elton described George as “very sweet and generous person in the world.” To his honor John performed six songs, including “I Put a Spell On You” Nina Simone and “Blowin’ In The Wind” by Bob Dylan.
“I would like to honor his memory, because he was not only a good friend but also one of the most brilliant songwriters that ever was created in this country, and, of course, one of the best vocalists in history. He was the only one, and replacing him will not” — said John.
Their amazing friendship was based on love. To music, of course.
“I remember sitting in the car close to Hyde Park and listened to the cassette “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”. Then I said to George, “This is the best that I listened to for many, many years!”. It was a great album, and then we became close friends. I just want people to remember his music and his kindness. He was kind, bright and the most generous person in the world. He did many good deeds, not giving them publicity and showing off. I’ll miss his music, but even more, I’m going to miss him, like a man,” said John.
We will remind that yesterday it became known that the funeral of George Michael has again been postponed indefinitely. As it turned out, the coroner’s office, it is necessary to make some examination to determine the exact cause of death. It is expected that it will take at least another three weeks.