Эльза Патаки стала негативно относиться к Майли Сайрус после развода певицы с актером

Эльза Патаки стала негативно относиться к Майли Сайрус после развода певицы с актером

The sudden parting 26-year-old American singer Miley Cyrus and 29-year-old actor Liam Hemsworth, after they have lived together for 8 months after the wedding, became a bolt from the blue. Of course the relatives and friends were in some kind of shock. After the singer left her husband, all relatives Liam turned away from her. Comment on what is happening all refused, but the wife of my brother Liam, he did not control his emotions and gave a Frank interview.

43-year-old Elsa Pataky is a famous model and actress of Spanish descent, her husband many years ago was the brother of Liam and Chris Hemsworth. She said that after ten years of the novel, which was between Miley and Liam, the guy is certainly depressed, but he’s a strong personality, so copes with emotions. In her opinion, Cyrus is not the kind of wife that deserves Liam, he deserves better than this singer. So Elsa indirectly insulted a celebrity.

After the press reported that Miley Hemsworth cheated and they divorced, Liam Packed his bags and flew to his own brother. Chris and Elsa have a large house on the coast in Australia, where they live with their three children. The family took the actor without problems and was allowed to stay for an unlimited time. In an interview Pataki drew attention to the fact that support within the family should always be first. Liam came to my brother with this purpose, he needed to recover after a difficult divorce.

Elsa had previously maintained good relations with Miley, you can say they were friends. In sign of reciprocity, they even once made the same tattoo on the wrist, in the form of sea waves. Unfortunately, everything changed in an instant.

It is worth Recalling that after the divorce was not a lot of time there, but Miley is already a month is in official relationship with singer Cody Simpson. Liam Hemsworth is trying to start a new life with an Australian actress Maddison brown.

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