Elon Musk presented to the public his new friend

Илон Маск представил публике свою новую подругу
Billionaire tries to forget amber heard.

Илон Маск представил публике свою новую подругу

Elon Musk


Amber Heard


Elon Musk still can’t recover after he threw amber heard. Trying to forget his unrequited love, he constantly changes girlfriends. But it’s while he’s not much help. As
according to friends of the 46-year-old billionaire inventor, he is still in the soul longs for amber.

However, this does not prevent him from trying to “keep
face” in public. For example, yesterday, at the annual ball of the Institute costume at the Metropolitan Museum in new York, he appeared,
dazzling smile, accompanied by a new girlfriend — 30-year-old canadian
singer Grimes, whose real name is Clair
Elise Boucher. Ironically, among the guests of the ball was heard.
However, Ilona with his passion and amber still managed to avoid
collision “nose to nose”.

Contact Mask with beauty started in the Network: first, Elon Grimes impressed by the fact that appreciated her unique sense of humor. After he expressed his admiration about her new “opus”: “It’s the best
music video that I saw for the last time!” — wrote Musk. Then they
met offline… and began their flirting.

However, don’t overestimate the seriousness of the Mask
relations with the singer. After all, at the same time, Elon is trying to care more for another
beautiful 29-year-old Tyler Haney. Haney — successful
business lady, guide is a brand of clothing for active rest
Outdoor Voices. How did you learn to reporters, the relationship of the Mask and Haney
continue for a couple of weeks.