Илон Маск намекнул, что его роман с Эмбер Херд не закончен
A billionaire can still be reunited with the actress.

Elon Musk and amber heard


Although just a couple of days ago, it was
announced that billionaire Elon Musk cruelly dumped the actress amber heard, all
was not so easy. Today Musk personally commented on the situation. “We
amber really decided to leave. But we not only remained friends, we
still love each other. Our relationship interfere with what we both, being very
busy with their own Affairs with people trying to maintain a long-distance relationship. But
the situation is likely to change in the future…” — said Musk.

Incidentally, the news about the separation of Ilona and
Amber was a complete surprise for everyone. It seemed their relationship is
was fine. They come along not too often, but looked
both completely happy. Moreover, as reported by the father of the actress — David Clinton
Heard, amber was going to marry the Mask
married. Moreover, according to Mr. heard, she intended to give birth
his child.

As previously reported, Roman amber with Elon
started last summer after the actress announced her divorce from
her husband johnny Depp. Then Amber
and Ilona was seen several times together, first in Los Angeles and then to Miami.
There were witnesses who claimed that Musk gave Hurd a romantic dinner
home. And then invited her to his Bungalow, part of the Delano
South Beach Hotel in Miami. And in March of this year, Musk and Hurd no longer hide his affair,
appearing together at the screening of the documentary the new film about al Gore
the problem of global warming in Miami.