Elon Musk has admitted that amber heard broke his heart

Илон Маск признался, что Эмбер Херд разбила его сердце
The billionaire gave a very candid interview about his personal life.

Илон Маск признался, что Эмбер Херд разбила его сердце

Amber Heard


The inventor and the owner of huge state — 20
billion — Elon Musk surprised everyone unexpectedly candid
an interview he gave about his personal life. Although all were convinced that the Musk threw ex-wife of johnny Depp — amber heard, a novel which he continued about a year, Elon stated that it is not so. “Is it me
quit. I really loved her, and I
it was very painful. A few weeks after that I could not recover…” —
admitted to the United States.

As previously reported, amber, who claimed in his time that would
to marry Ilona married and give birth to his child, and Elon broke up in August
this year. “No matter what, we’re still friends and love each other!” —
then said Musk. And hinted that, perhaps, their romance could still
be renewed in the future. And the reason why the couple broke up, Elon was then called their “Roman
at a distance,” not to give them the opportunity to spend enough time together.

However, amber did not waste time. Has not passed also month as her
managed to shoot the kissing stunt Mann Khayra Davis, who worked as
she, on the set of the movie “Aquaman”. And soon the paparazzi caught Hurd
with one muscular boyfriend — Kelly McKnight, a stand-in actor playing one of the main
roles in the same movie.

As for the Mask, then he, by his own admission, has yet to
found a replacement amber. “I’m looking for a friend could build long
relationship. I’m not interested in a fleeting affair. I would like
to find my soul mate… When there is no beloved, I can’t feel
happy. And sleeping alone I hate…” – said Elon, who in the past
year divorced his second wife actress Tallulah Riley.

Amber heard and Elon Musk