Элли Голдинг отменила выступления из-за истощения

The famous singer-workaholic Ellie Goulding, which from the beginning of the year has managed to play more than a hundred performances, has cancelled a series of concerts due to exhaustion. The doctors actress has insisted that she did it, because it jeopardized not only the health and overall well-being, but also the vocal cords Ellie. If she did not allow the body to relax, then soon there would be irreversible changes.

In an interview with the Evening Standard, Ellie said:

“I was forced to cancel a few gigs this week due to exhaustion. This year I made more than a hundred shows, and my doctor told me that if next weekend I won’t let myself relax, my voice can leave me forever.
I took some tests, passed the tests and I was diagnosed with exhaustion. I know that being a workaholic is bad, but I am. I can’t cancel the concert if it’s not a critical situation. The festival at Glastonbury was the point at which I realized that something is wrong and feel tired.”
On his page on Twitter Ellie told fans that in the coming days, they will not see her on stage.
“I apologize and very much regret that I must cancel their performances for the next few days due to the deterioration of my health and exhaustion. The doctors advised me not to speak and to travel. But I’ll be back” — written by Goulding.

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