Elle MacPherson had left his wife-billionaire

Эль Макферсон ушла от своего супруга-миллиардера
The supermodel did not want to tolerate cheating husband.

Эль Макферсон ушла от своего супруга-миллиардера

Elle MacPherson


53-year-old supermodel Elle MacPherson which
at the time, successfully competed on the runway with Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell,
broke up with her spouse — billionaire Jeffrey Soffera. This was the second marriage
supermodel (her first husband was photographer Gilles Bensimon), except that it
civil marriage to Arpad Bussana —
ex-boyfriend of uma Thurman, from which the El and has two sons
Flynn and Aurelius. This was reported by the website contactmusic.com.

According to the informant of the website, patience
El exhausted after Jeffrey started another affair. The rumors that
Soffer cheating on his wife, extended again and again. It constantly
was seen in the company of young pretty women with whom he acted
absolutely not friendly. But Jeffrey, every time the paparazzi
photographing him with another hottie, was justified by the fact that all these girls are “just friends”…

Jeffrey and al have lived in a legal marriage only
four years. Although Softer and McPherson and began Dating in 2010,
2012 they nearly broke up. But after Jeffrey miraculously survived
the plane crash that killed his friend, Soffer produced a “revaluation of values”
and decided that he wanted to be with Elle MacPherson the rest of my days. In 2013 they played strictly classified
wedding in Fiji, in the presence of all
15 guests. Jeffrey swore then MacPherson of eternal fidelity — I wish it
sufficed not on long.

Elle MacPherson with her husband Jeffrey Soffera