Елизавета Боярская воссоединилась с супругом The actress and her husband Maxim Matveev together again. The couple went on a family vacation to Georgia. Elizaveta Boyarskaya has shared a photo with her husband in his microblog. Fans of the actress are very happy that it all got better in his personal life.

      Russian actress Elizaveta Boyarskaya went to Georgia to relax in the company of husband Maxim Matveev and their mutual friends. The star posted a microblog frame with her husband, where they both look very happy. Fans of the actress are happy that the couple is reunited, after all this spring surrounded by artists claimed that their relations were in a deep crisis, and now they are preparing to divorce. Elizaveta Boyarskaya left her husband

      However, the couple was able to forget all the difficulties that arose in their relationship, and together went on holiday in Sunny Georgia. “Georgia in my heart and in my mind,” wrote Elizabeth under the Maxim. Fans of creativity of the actress I admire a family idyll. “You make a lovely couple! Look very handsome!”, “As well, all the rumors turned out to be another duck! Happiness and love to your family”, “You are made for each other!”, “It’s so nice to see you together!” – comments left by users of the social network under the bright photography of the spouses.

      During a trip to Georgia together with friends of Solomon Elena and Dasha Rumyantseva enjoy views of Ajara region, visiting the famous fortress. In one of the restaurants friendly company ordered lunch with local wine and delicious national dishes. Maxim Matveyev looked at the beauty of Georgia from the height of bird flight. The man flew over Batumi and paragliding. “Cozy, beautiful, delicious, friendly Batumi,” – so described his impressions of the actor.

      We will remind that in April of this year friends Boyarskaya and Matveev was rumored that the family life of actors is not going smoothly. Actors lived in two cities: Elizabeth rented an apartment in St. Petersburg and Maxim lived in four-room apartment in Moscow.

      “It looks like love as the years passed… Maybe life in two cities did the trick – after all, Lisa and Maxim was an unconventional marriage. Of course, to conceal the gap with her colleagues Lisa failed, relationship with Maxim was an important part of her life. When one of the artists drew attention to the fact that she came to the theater without a wedding ring, did not make excuses that they Matveev Union came to an end,” said “StarHit” employee of the St. Petersburg MDT Sergei Turuntsev.

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