Elizaveta Boyarskaya left her husband

Елизавета Боярская ушла от мужа To formalize the divorce, the actress is in no hurry. Father of Elizabeth Boyar against the fact that they with Maxim Matveev has informed the public about the incident. Artists continue to create the appearance of a perfect family.

      Елизавета Боярская ушла от мужа

      After five and a half years of marriage one of the most beautiful pair of Russian cinema close to divorce. For several months Elizabeth and Maxim live separately: boyar finally moved to St. Petersburg apartment on the Moika, and Matveev still lives in Moscow. Four-room apartment in the North-East of the capital spouses purchased together shortly after the birth of son Andrew. “StarHit” learned the details of the secret separation of actor pairs.

      Papa vs

      Recently Boyarskaya and Matveev was given not one reason to doubt the perfection of their married life. Her 30th birthday in December last year, the actress celebrated at one of the restaurants of St. Petersburg without the man, in the company’s not – how many friends – Kseniya Rappoport and Danila Kozlovsky – and parents. Now bring up 4-year-old son Andrew in Peter helping her just Mikhail and Larisa Luppian. And they insist that the couple has not yet officially issued the divorce.

      “Lisa and max broke up a few months ago, – tells “StarHit” employee of the St. Petersburg MDT Sergei Turuntsev. – All mutually, just like, love as the years passed… Perhaps life in the two cities did the trick – still Lisa and Maxim was an unconventional marriage. Of course, to conceal the rupture with her husband from colleagues Lisa failed relationship with Maxim was an important part of her life. When one of the artists drew attention to the fact that she went to the theater without a wedding ring, did not make excuses that their feet Union came to an end. I know that recently they even wanted to legally divorce – but was strongly opposed by her father Mikhail Boyarsky – a pier, it is necessary to observe the image of the perfect family, no matter what. Maybe he even hopes that her daughter and Maxim all over again sterpitsja-sljubitsja… Father now helps her with her grandson, often walks with them, leads to developmental courses, as night makes the stars homework”.

      Елизавета Боярская ушла от мужа

      Elizabeth herself is acting in “Anna Karenina” Karen Shakhnazarov in St. Petersburg. And recently, the screens out the film “Indemnity”, where she and her husband played one of the main roles. Even then, stars colleagues suspected something was wrong. “Lisa and Maxim are very professional people, so the personal relationship at work does not have an impact. And their family problems at the site tried to discuss, although many were aware of – such things are difficult to hide,” comments “StarHit” actor Daniel Lebedev, who worked with the pair on the set of the film “Indemnity” in the past year.

      In Moscow the Moscow art theatre, too, in the course of the disorder in a famous family. “Maxim has always been secretive, but after breaking up with Lisa she has become totally withdrawn, – told “StarHit” makeup artist of the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov Olga Salnikova. – The first time at the rehearsals could not be collected – any comments missed, but we’re all human, so treat all this with understanding. The topic of his relationship with his wife we try not to touch, he asked me to refrain from commenting on this subject in his presence. But to conceal from colleagues that they are with Lisa are no longer together, did not. Of course, they will understand, no one climbs. We all hope that this is temporary. Boy the more they have a very small, max doted on him and now is worried that Andrew moved back with my mother to St. Petersburg. And besides, it’s been so months since they broke up, and divorce is still not available – so maybe there’s still a chance”.

      Елизавета Боярская ушла от мужа

      Alone again

      All the free time, of which the actress is busy in film and theatre a bit, Boyarsky tries to spend with his son Andrew. To cook, apparently, once, so Elizabeth preferred to order food in your favorite St. Petersburg restaurant “Smelt”.

      “Lisa often speaks to us, asks to bring food for two persons: a lunch for your child and for yourself. For her son, he took the noodles with quail egg, chicken cutlets with mashed potatoes, and for dessert strawberry ice cream. Yourself mainly ordered dishes of Georgian cuisine – khinkali she loves lamb and our signature Shawarma with chicken thigh and spicy sauce Satsebeli” – shared with “Stricom” said of the service delivery institution.

      Sometimes boyar son leaves parents and allows himself a little fun. Usually together with her friends she spent the evening in a karaoke bar Poizon on Rubinsteina street is across from MDT. “Lisa we have a frequent visitor. Very nice miss. Loves our shots. On the dance floor comes off no worse than other visitors, not ashamed of anyone around. Often chooses songs of ABBA”, – told “StarHit” leading karaoke bar Michael.

      Nurture your baby in addition the parents of the actress helps the babysitter that she hired recently. Middle-aged woman is busy every day with the child in English, reading, drives in sports and music sections close to home. Maxim, of course, visiting her son – and to avoid rumors about the breakup, every time after his visit, in social networks appear Boyar sharing photos with the former spouse.

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