Elizaveta Boyarskaya for the first time showed the face of a child

Елизавета Боярская впервые показала лицо ребенка The actress has unveiled a five-year heir. Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maksim Matveev her husband oppose the publicity of the child. However, the star mom decided to make an exception, posting on a microblog video featuring Andrew. Fans say that the boy looks like daddy.
Елизавета Боярская впервые показала лицо ребенка

Actress Elizaveta Boyarskaya pleased followers of his microblog video featuring a five year old son Andrew. For the first time in the moment of birth, the boy was presented to the public in one of the social networks.

In the frame Elizaveta Boyarskaya says the text, telling about his part in the action. In the background sports the little heir of a celebrity. A child jumps on the sofa, laughs and rushes to mother soft toys. That all the blows with a smile, pretending she was pleased, when the head arrives impressive size Teddy bear.

“All the best to you and have a nice night, cheers!” – these words completes the recording of Elizaveta Boyarskaya. “Hurrah!” – picks up after the mother of a five-year Andrew.

Home video impressed subscribers of the actress. They compliment her beauty, but agree that the boy Andrew, like his father, Maksim Matveev.

“Beautiful Elizabeth! And the son looks like daddy”, “Huge benefit to your family. I love UWAGA, love your family!”, “Boy fun”, “she’s Beautiful and boy – lovely!”, “My friend all scattered there, in the background,” “a Boy behind your son? Very good!”, “Sweet malisic”, “Andrew is beautiful!” – admire heir to the star family of fans.

It should be noted that Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maksim Matveev try not to draw attention to his family. The actors who played together in the film “Anna Karenina” and protect our five year old son Andrew, why not show the boy. Even after the celebration of the birth of an heir the parents do not share pictures with him on social networks. Boyarskaya and Matveyev threw a noisy party for son

Maxim Matveev explained his position that he and Elizabeth don’t want their son to repeat the fate of the mother. Lisa remembers how difficult it was for her, the child star of father in childhood to cope with the public attention to the family and to her brother.

“Even in the example of Lisa, judging from her childhood photos, I see that children suffering much attention to themselves, to their parents. It robs the spontaneity of childhood is transformed into work. I would like to keep the spontaneity in your child. So I principled supporter of a rather closed life,” – said in an interview, Maxim Matveev.