Елизавета Боярская подружилась с голливудской звездой
The actress had the chance to meet his idol.

Ian McKellen and Elizaveta Boyarskaya

Photo: @lizavetabo Instagram Elizaveta Boyarskaya

Fate presented
Elizaveta Boyarskaya an unexpected surprise meeting with her idol. In St. Petersburg recently opened
festival Shakespeare a Midsummer night”, the main star of which was Hollywood
the actor is Ian McKellen. He is known for his role of Gandalf in the trilogy “the Lord
of the rings, but that is a true expert in the field of works
Shakespeare. During his life he took part in a huge number of performances by
based on the works of English playwright.

The festival McKellen already
managed to get acquainted with the work of the troupe of the Maly drama theater, which
is and Elizaveta Boyarskaya. Ian attended “hamlet” with Danila Kozlovsky in
the lead role, and the next day gave the actors a lecture on Shakespeare.

“The Legendary Ian
McKellen. The actor, who played, perhaps, all of Shakespeare’s roles well, except for
female! All – big. Yesterday came to our hamlet, and I read today
a lecture on Shakespeare. What happiness that life gives such an interesting meeting!” —
told Boyarsky.

Meanwhile, filming of “Anna
Karenina” with Elizabeth in the lead role has come to an end. Premiere date yet
not assigned, but the fans are awaiting the new film adaptation of the novel of Leo Tolstoy in

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