Елизавета Боярская спасает онкобольную актрису  Tatyana Saiko went through all the classical stages of treatment for cancer. A young woman underwent radiation therapy before surgery, eight chemotherapy courses. However, after all the procedures the state actress has not improved.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya published a post on Instagram. The actress asked fans and colleagues not to remain indifferent and to help Tatyana Saiko. 37-year-old woman graduated from drama school, successfully acted in films and played in performances, but a few years became seriously ill. Doctors diagnosed the actress with cancer.

“When trouble is nearby, it is impossible not to talk about. Is Tatyana Sayko was born 21 June 1980. The actress, a graduate of the theatre Institute. Schukin. In November 2014 Tanya, according to the results of repeated biopsy, was discovered squamous cell Carcinoma. Three years of treatment in Russia have not yielded positive results. She went through all the classical stages of treatment: radiation therapy before surgery, during and after eight cycles of chemotherapy. This treatment did not give positive results. The disease progresses rapidly,” – said Elizabeth.

According to Boyarsky, Tatyana need to be screened in Israel. A young woman is in an inoperable condition, doctors have prescribed the only possible treatment option is a drug Keytruda.

“Preliminary analysis for the purpose Keytrade showed that the number of receptors for drugs in Tannin, the body is 95% – this is a very high chance that this medicine will help Tanya,” wrote Elizabeth on the personal page. The actress must make about nine droppers, one procedure costs 11 thousand dollars.

“For the first three, the money is already gathered. We still have to collect another 66 thousand dollars. Who have the opportunity, help Tania bring the suitable amount. Thanks in advance”, – said the boyar.

Despite serious illness, Tatiana did not despair. The actress is actively engaged in social networking, communicating with members and even was fond of painting. About the health of a young woman reports on Instagram or Facebook. The artist writes words of support to others who are struggling with cancer.

“If in trouble, don’t shut the world, not climb, howling in the den, find the strength to tell someone. I want to hear people who are only faced with the problem of cancer and now confused don’t know what to do with it. For three and a half years I passed through all stages. First shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. Don’t stay alone. Run away from those who pushes you into the abyss! Go to the people, to God. You win!” – says Tatiana with Network users.