Elizabeth Peskov, tried on a hijab

Елизавета Пескова примерила хиджаб
In Grozny took place the important event dedicated to the renaming of the football club of the President of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov Terek “Ahmad”.

Елизавета Пескова примерила хиджаб

The celebration was attended by a large number of stars, among whom were Timothy, Evgeny Plushenko, a famous footballer Ronaldinho and many others. Among those present were Elizabeth and Peskov, who shared their experiences with followers.

Елизавета Пескова примерила хиджаб

“Short chronicle of the beginning of my trip to the Chechen Republic. The first day we visited the “Heart of the Chechen Republic”, the construction of the resort “Veduchi”, then the waterfalls in the village Nikolai. The culmination of the evening was a great show of football club “Ahmad”, and the completion lezginka by tradition, Ramzan Kadyrov. This incredible beauty of the place, made a very positive impact on me energetically,” said Lisa.

Many were struck by the appearance the Sand, she came to the event in a hijab and visited a mosque.

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