Elizabeth II made a unique gift for a platinum wedding

Елизавете II приготовили уникальный подарок на платиновую свадьбу
Queen prepares to mark its latest record.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip


his reign 91-year-old Queen Elizabeth had to put a lot of records. The
famous of them is the length of the Board. Last September, Elizabeth
surpassed the previous “champion” — Queen Victoria. And in two weeks now
reigning monarch, will celebrate the new
a record of 70 years from the date of their marriage, eclipsing all previous British
kings. In the “Foggy Albion” this anniversary, called platinum wedding.

became known, the London pastry chefs decided to prepare for this
a momentous occasion a unique gift. They’re planning to reproduce and
present in festive Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip cake — an exact copy
masterpiece of pastry chefs decorating their wedding on 20 November 1947.

said one of the bakers, the reconstitution of the cake was very challenging. Before
all because because of technical sketches and templates are not preserved. Had
to draw all over again, survivors of photos, which, fortunately, survived
quite a lot. To build a four-story cake with a height of 2.6 meters and a weight of
at 226 pounds, it took an impressive number of products, only some
eggs were consumed more than six hundred. And the spray went more than 18
liters of rum!

by the way, in the distant 1947, the year to collect enough products to decorate wedding
table Elisabeth, who was at the time still heir to the throne, was
Britain, still not fully recovered from the Second World War, very difficult.
However, the yield was found: the most valuable ingredients were sent from Australia in
as a gift from society, the girl scouts, honorary chief of which was
Elizabeth. They sent to London that was to find it harder to find just
sugar, spices and dried fruits. Incidentally, one of the cakes the Queen and her husband took care of it before the baptism of his
the firstborn of Prince Charles. And another cake was sent as a token of appreciation back to Australia

as for today’s anniversary, it was announced, will be celebrated in
a family-friendly environment. No official celebrations on this occasion, not
planned. As decided by Elizabeth, at the disposal of the Royal family will remain
only the top tier. The other three will be donated to the patients of several hospitals and homes
the elderly.

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