Елизавете II срочно требуется экономка
The Queen is forced to save on everything.

Elizabeth II

Photo: Instagram.com

On the website of the Buckingham Palace there was an announcement: the Queen needs a new
servants. Moreover, for a sufficiently serious by the volume and responsibility of work
is not an overly generous reward – 16 755 pounds (in
terms of dollars is around 22 thousand). As claimed, such economy
is that Parliament constantly trim the costs
the Royal residences. This information was announced by the Internet site people.com

In addition to regular duties, the housekeeper, as stated, a duty to care
about the most valuable things in the Palace I don’t trust anyone ordinary
servants – including paintings by old masters, fragile collectible tableware,
vases, figurines, etc. you will Also need to take care of the guests arriving
the Palace, and to participate in the preparation of large techniques.

However, the advertised vacancy has some “bonuses”. So, the housekeeper
guaranteed free accommodation in the Palace – of course, in the room
workers and food from the kitchen Queen. In addition, the Queen promises to do
regular contributions to the pension Fund.

The truth about why he left his old housekeeper, not reported.
There is a suspicion that she has not sustained its burden. Between
by the way, the servant is not the first time he leaves a job in
Palace. Recently Buckingham Palace was announced the other jobs, the need for new
dishwasher instead gone. This job was offered is also quite modest
remuneration (17 thousand pounds a year). Despite the fact that the responsibilities of the new
workers included daily washing of dishes after meals a few hundred
people, including state workers!

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