Elizabeth II has updated its previous record!

Елизавета II обновила свой прежний рекорд!
5 interesting facts about the Crown of the British Empire.

Елизавета II обновила свой прежний рекорд!

Elizabeth II


Elizabeth II without any excessive
noise, celebrated the other day another significant date. She noted 64th birthday
of his reign. So now the ruling monarch has updated his record
stay on the throne, which was installed in September last year. Then
Elizabeth surpassed the previous record-holder, Queen Victoria, has not held
only six months to 64 years in just six months. Recall that Elizabeth came to
throne 2 Jun 1951, and on her head was assigned the main symbol of Royal
power – the Crown of the British Empire. Here are five interesting facts about the most important
the attribute of the coronation.

Crown “celebrated” the 177 years since its inception

The crown of the British Empire, considered the main in the collection of the crowns of British kings, was established in 1883 by masters of the jewelry firm Rundell, Bridge & Co by order of Queen Victoria. Although it is decorated with unique jewels and looks more than impressive, the crown is massive enough. However, still the main symbol of state power — St Edward’s Crown was still 2 times heavier and weighed almost 3 pounds. This relic which according to legend was worn by William the Conqueror, was destroyed by Cromwell, but subsequently recreated from the old sketches.

Permanent “residence” of the crown tower

In normal times the Crown of the British Empire, as indeed the other crown, kept in the Royal Treasury in the tower. She leaves her only once a year, on the occasion of the opening of the next session of Parliament. And when she leaves its place in the exhibition, the Museum curators put the announcement: “the Crown is currently in use”.

In the crown glows one of 4 the largest polished diamond in the world

The crown is adorned with one of the most valuable gemstone –diamond 317, 4 carats, called the Cullinan II. It is the fourth largest stone of this class in the world. However, this huge rock is just part of the enormous diamond which he is a part. All callinan found in Africa in 1905, weighed a whole 3 601 times and was at that time the largest of the found gem-quality diamonds. It was subsequently divided into several stones, one of which is the Cullinan II, which was further embellished by the crown previously made. However, it is not the largest of the “fragments” of the African diamond – the largest — the Cullinan I, it adorns the scepter of the British kings.

The crown have been changed many times

In the entire history of its existence, the crown has been repeatedly rebuilt. It was supplemented with new stones (including Cullinane), and adapted to the requirements of the next monarch. One of these alterations took place, in particular, for the coronation of Elizabeth.

The crown has become too heavy for Elizabeth

As already mentioned, the main crown of the British Empire quite heavy, it weighs almost half a kilogram. Therefore, the 91-year-old Elizabeth, though for her age she is in fine form, this year was forced to admit that it will not be able to wear on your head. Therefore, as was officially announced, from now on, during the ceremonial opening of Parliament, her will carry her in a special velvet pad appointed Queen of the court.